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Cruise Summary Reports

This database gives details of completed cruises by European research vessels since January 2005 and provides a first level inventory of oceanographic measurements made and samples taken. The Cruise Summary Report (CSR = formerly ROSCOP) is the usual means for reporting metadata including details of completed cruises and providing summary information of oceanographic measurements made and samples taken. Traditionally, it is the Chief Scientist's obligation to submit not later than two weeks after the cruise a Cruise Summary Report (CSR) either a) to his/her National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC) (see list of operational NODCs), or b) in agreement with its NODC to furnish a CSR directly themselves via the online CSR Content Management System (CMS), that is maintained in the framework of SeaDataNet.

Visit the EUROFLEETS Cruise Summary Reports database

Submitting CSR’s via the online Content Management System